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British Salt manufactures a wide variety of salt products, to suit the needs of a spectrum of industries from everyday food to micro-electronics.

The main uses for our products are, Water Treatment, Chemical Industry, Food Processing, Animal Feeds and Textiles & Tanning.

Although a basic natural commodity that has been used for numerous applications over countless generations, British Salt's modern production and refining techniques have had a marked effect on the quality of today's finished salt products.

British Salt is at the very centre of the UK salt market and is developing a growing presence in other European and world markets, with a reputation not only for the high standard and wide range of its products, but also for the outstanding quality and value it always delivers. High standards such as these have enabled British Salt to become a market leader, supplying many of the world’s largest companies with a reliable source of pure salt, critical to their production processes. To them and thousands of other smaller customers operating throughout many industries... pure white salt means British Salt.